Office Removals Dublin

Office Movers Dublin

Get Cracking Removals Can Help with your office move, weather its a one man show,  or a large number of office staff, we have the means to move you and your organisation safely and swiftly.

We find office moves don’t need to be stressful or hard work, with a the right plan in place and the right movers, moving a large office can even be fun!

The first thing that should be in place is a floor plan for the new office location. This will help the moving company make things more organised with less questions! The office movers will read the drawing before the move to help get a better understanding of the layout in the ne office.

Get Cracking Removals stock a large number of office removal crates, we can deliver these crates several days before your move to give you time to get organised and packed up before the moving date. Seven lever arch files will fit in one crate, so you can work out roughly how many moving crates you may need. Normally one crate per desk is sufficient for office staff members. This is also a good time for staff to DE clutter desks or work stations.

We can move your office after hours, including over the weekend to avoid down time for your business. Our movers often start office moves on a Friday afternoon and complete them on the following day. We can assist with the un packing process also if required.


Get Cracking are number 1 for Office Removals Dublin. Contact us today to get started.

Office Removals Dublin

Moving Office Dublin



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The Best Piano Movers in Dublin

Get Cracking Moving Company

Get Cracking Removals
Piano Movers Dublin


Get Cracking Removals is a Dublin based Removals Company that offer high quality home and office removals at a reasonable rate. We also specialize in  pianos moves. We are the best piano movers in Dublin, you can trust us! Our normal rate for an upright piano move with in Dublin city, from ground floor to ground floor is €165 plus vat. This price includes insurance for goods in transit. To book a piano move with us, please fill in this form or just give us a call on 01-5513270and we will get back to you with in 24 hours. Our piano moving service also includes insurance for good in transit.

Some tips when it comes to moving your piano…..if your piano holds any value to you financially or sentimentally, do be careful who you hire to move your piano. Pianos, as big and as heavy as they are, they are still very, very fragile items. It does not take a lot to do some serious damage to the internal workings of a piano.

If you consider this, even if you hire the best piano movers in Dublin, you are still going to need a re-tune, just because the piano has been moved…. If you hire say, not the best piano movers in town….a retune maybe the least of your worries!

If you are moving a grand piano, please call us on 01-5513270 for a quote.

All of our piano movers are very well trained and have many years of experience in the moving industry.

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Household Goods Volume Calculator

Household Goods Volume Calculator

If you are moving house in Dublin, or any where else in the world for that matter, knowing the exact volume of the contents of your house can be quite useful information.

Knowing the EXACT volume of your household contents, is especially useful information if you are shipping a container.  As the space is expensive in the shipping container, so its vital that you utilise every square foot. By using our volume calculator, this is the first step in saving yourself cash on your move. The second step is getting a quote from us for your move. Get Cracking Removals is the only removals company in Ireland with a real, working, accurate volume calculator! If you have any questions on how to use our volume calculator, please just let us know.

Get Cracking Removals Volume Calculator.

Get Cracking Removals
Volume Calculator.