Office Removals Dublin

Office Removals Dublin

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Office Removals Dublin





Office Removals Dublin.

Are you moving offices in Dublin soon?   If so we can help!  Office Relocations

As with any move, an office move can be quite stressful. There is quite a bit of organisation involved.

After securing your new office location, its time to start preparing for the move. A good place to start is with a floor plan for the new office. The floor plan should clearly show the positions of the furniture and equipment being moved. Each work station should be clearly visible on the plan,  with each of the staff members names listed accordingly to where his or her office chair will be situated. In turn the staff must label their moving crates, desks, chairs, PCs, etc.. presuming everything is being moved. The staff normally pack their own personal belongings. Again, its important to label the items being moved. Our moving crates come with labels, so no excuses!

We can have our IT staff disconnect the PCs, servers, etc.. And re-connect them in the new office after the equipment has been moved over.

Often, we complete office moves after normal working hours, in order to avoid down time at your work place, please ask us about this if you think it would be suitable for your office move.

We are the removals company who are capable of completing your move in a professional manor and a timely manor.