Removals from Dublin to Switzerland

3 get cracking removal trucks on residential street

Moving to Switzerland from Dublin is not an easy feat. There is 1260km between the two cities, so basically it is a 1.5-hour flight or a 19-hour drive, with some seas and mountains in the middle to negotiate.

Planning to relocate your goods to Switzerland requires optimal organisation and planning. This is where removal companies come in.

What’s Involved In The Move?

In order for a smooth relocation, the removal company you use should be aware of Swiss customs. This is especially important for things like parking restrictions and time restrictions for transport.

The removal company should also have a good bond broker to ensure quick customs clearance. This is important if you do not wish to be delayed in any way.


What To Expect In The Move?

With a good removal company, it should be quite easy to pack your belongings, have them fetched by the removal company, and transported to anywhere in Switzerland within a few days.

Removal companies will often offer a packing service too, complete with boxes and bubble wrap. Thus making the move even more convenient.

Your belongings will most likely be moved via road freight or via shipment. You should take out insurance on your belongings, even though most removal companies practice the utmost safety and protection of your belongings.


What Will The Removal Company Do For You?

A professional removal company will offer you advice on your move. They will help plan your move to make it easy and convenient for you.

They will protect your valuables during the move, ensuring that everything arrives in Switzerland safe and unharmed.

The right moving company will also provide packing materials for your belongings. They should also offer to pack and unpack your home for you.

Happy Travels

Relocating is never easy, but if you find the right international removal company, it can be easier than you would expect. Happy packing!