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Why You Should Hire A House Removals Company in Dublin

Is it your time to move? Well, whether you are downsizing, going to a bigger apartment or your home that you just bought, moving can be daunting. Relocating office space to a new building will require maximum effort. As a result, you may consider hiring a removal company. The conventional way would ask friends and family to help you in moving to the new house or office. But thanks to the house removals companies that are professional and charge a reasonable amount to carry out the task.

Hiring house removals in Dublin might cost you an upfront fee, but it is worth it since the benefits realized are much more. Below are the reasons you consider when hiring house removals in Dublin;

1.All Goods Are Insured

Most of the professional removals companies in Dublin offers some form of insurance. This is ideal in case of any accidental damages on your items which are in transit. It ensures that your valuable and fragile items are safe and secure. Moving items on your own will make be liable for any damages and you cannot charge yourself neither can insurance compensate you for accidental damages. It is, therefore, give you peace of mind by being guaranteed that any potential harm has an insurance coverage policy.

2.Prevention of Injuries

Not unless you are gym rat with 6-8 hours of exercise per week, then, be assured you are likely to hurt your back during moving. As an average homeowner, you would only have a hard time moving music system or TV- leave along large dresser. Hiring the right house removals in Dublin will save your back from injuries. The removals specialists have the necessary equipment to carry out the intended tasks. Laborers are always a team of strong men that can move furniture with ease. Trying to run bulky items alone can be a disaster.

3.Saves Time

As the movers will be carrying out the task, you will ample time to attend to some other duties. Moving items alone can save you money but it cannot save time. The whole process of packing, moving and transporting the furniture to the final destination can be daunting. Doing it alone will leave you tired and less time in organizing the new place. Getting help for the removal company will enable you to have a moment in preparing the new residential home.  Weaving traffic in Dublin back and forth from various locations is no joke. The hired company will manage to transport the furniture ion a one-time trip that will help you in saving time.

  1. Right Equipment

Moving involves loads of work and technical know-how in transporting the item. The right equipment and skills help in preventing potential damages. That is why the removals companies invest in the right gadgets. Hiring a team of experts saves you money and time since they come with every piece of the needed equipment to the job done.


You should use the above reasons to hire the best company for House Removals in Dublin. It is a cost-effective task that will save you time and effort.


Moving Company Dublin

Van Driver / Mover

Salary: on application

Job Type: Casual/ Saturdays and holidays

Start: Immediate


  • Fluent in English language (written and verbal)
  • A confident experienced driver; Full Irish license
  • Knowledge of map/GPS use
  • Punctual
  • Good with customers
  • Able to lift heavy items
  • Able to pack a van/truck
  • Able to disassemble normal household furniture and reassemble
  • Professional appearance
  • Minimum 25 years old
  • Ideally you will have experience of driving a 3.5t vehicle or similar and a preference for a physically active job role. The work is mostly local, national and also has an opportunity to travel within Europe.
  • Teamwork, Coordination, Organisation, Planning, Time Management, Reporting Skills, Inventory Control, Documentation Skills, Equipment Maintenance, Dependability

Job requires a manual handling certificate.

If you are interested in this or any other job with Get Cracking Removals, please email your CV to:

Moving Company Dublin

Operation Manager

Position: Operation Manager

Salary on application

Job Type: Full-time

Start: Immediate




  • Managing employees, jobs, storage, facility, using a software
  • Must maintain constant observation of all vehicles, ensuring all comply with transport legislation and preparing tachographs.
  • Is responsible for the team they supervise, and so must monitor all driving hours, make sure all staff follow company rules and legislation and that all crews are briefed and debriefed before and after each move.
  • Must also ensure that all documentation is complete and up to date, producing job sheets and checking sales quotes.
  • Must also communicate between clients and removal crews to confirm costs, time frames and to assign crews of the correct quantity and quality.
  • Must coordinate with the General Manager to ensure the division is run in the most efficient and profitable way. Assisting with loading of vehicles, and carrying out household removals
  • Draw up inventory’s for international shipments
  • Assist with loading of containers and vehicles if needed
  • Maintains safe and clean work environment by keeping workstations neat; maintaining clean shipping supply area; complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Completes job sheets by entering required information.
  • Assist removal crew on removal jobs as if necessary


Requirements/ Skills:

  • Fluent in English language (written and verbal)
  • Proficient IT skills and a CPC qualification at a National Level as a minimum.
  • Requires experience in planning work schedules and knowledge relating to company credit control. Being numerate is a very important skill requirement of operations management
  • Due to the large extent of required contact with clients and colleagues, an Operations Manager is required to have strong communications skills, together with strong leadership and management skills to efficiently run a successful team.
  • Must be able to problem solve through the use of your own initiative as Operations Management within Domestic Removals can face some unusual day to day challenges.
  • A confident experienced driver; Full Irish licence
  • Punctual
  • Good customer skills
  • If required he will need to help on jobs
  • Knowledge of map/GPS use
  • Minimum 25 years old
  • Teamwork, Coordination, Organisation, Planning, Time Management, Reporting Skills, Inventory Control, Documentation Skills, Equipment Maintenance, Dependability


Full job description will be given at interview



If you are interested in this or any other job with Get Cracking Removals, please email your CV to: