Removals From Ireland to Portugal – How Much And What Is Involved?

Congratulations on your decision to move to Portugal! Your new country is one offering everything from stunning beaches to affordable living.

Even the climate is great and you’ll find many locals and expats who speak English.

So, what will it take to get you there? Consider these questions and facts.

Will You Move by Air or Sea?

Making the move from Ireland to Portugal, you can pick between sending your belongings by air or by sea.

Sending everything by plane takes less time, as little as 1 to 3 days but you’ll pay much more, for example, over €3,000 for the content of the average 1-bedroom apartment. For comparison, moving the same items by sea can cost as little as €1,800.

When your items travel by sea you usually need to plan for 3 to 5 days of travel. How much of your goods you’re sending over will determine the container type and size you need. Options include:

  • 20ft shipping container, which may cost up to €1,500 and €2,800. This is often appropriate for a 2-bedroom house.
  • 40ft shipping container, costing you between €2,400 and €5,000. It can work for moving content of a 5-bedroom home.
  • A container for a car, which requires additional arrangements such as quarantine and taxes; in total this can cost you over £8 000.

Will You Hire or DIY?

For international travel, such as moving from Ireland to Portugal, you can decide to pack your belongings yourself, or pay professionals to do it for you.

If you take up the task yourself, be prepared to:

  • Pay for moving supplies, such as boxes and a van for transport. Packing supplies alone can cost £120 or more.
  • Spend time on paperwork
  • Pay for insurance on your goods
  • Deal with customs

If you want to save time and effort, it’s often worth trusting professionals to pack and handle the paperwork and logistics on your behalf.

Costs Involved—What To Budget For

To help you budget accurately and to avoid unplanned expenses, remember to include all the following in your planning:

  • Time of move: It’s cheaper during certain times, such as the middle of the month.
  • Distance: You’ll pay for each kilometer a moving van must travel, so consider the distances between the ports or airports and your old and new home.
  • Size and weight: Quotes will be based on the volume or the weight of your belongings. Clarify this with your moving company to understand exactly what you’ll pay for.
  • Storage: If your belongings need to be put in storage for a while, budget around £30/week.
  • Customs and imports: For appliances that are 6 months old or less, duty free import may not apply.
  • Visas: As an EU citizen you’ll easily get into Portugal, but you’ll need a visa within 3 months. This can cost around €80 but investment visas can be as much as € A residence card will require over €5 000.

Restricted Items

Remember to plan for restricted items in Portugal. You could require more paperwork and make additional payments for:

  • Pets
  • Cash if you’re carrying more than €10,000
  • Protected animal and plant species

Drugs as well as animal products won’t be allowed in.

Final Words

Portugal is an excellent place to call home. To prepare for your new adventure, do you have any other questions on this topic?

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