Moving Checklist & Packing Tips

What else would the people who take moving seriously tell you? Be prepared.

Choosing the right removals company

  1. Organize a local removals company up to 6 weeks before your move.
  2. There are many Dublin removals companies out there. Most offer a very good service and good rates. However there are also companies that are not so good and are to be avoided at all costs. For your own safety ensure the removals company you choose carries insurance for goods in transit, public liability and employee liability.
  3. If your are moving a 3 or 4 bed house, it is not a good idea to accept a quote from a company that has not viewed the contents of your home.
  4. For large house moves do not hire a company that charges by the hour as this can end up being extremely expensive.
  5. Avoid the very cheap removals companies.
  6. Always get your quotes in writing (or confirmed by email).

Helpful packing tips

  1. If you decide to take care of the packing yourself, it is a good idea to start packing at least 3 weeks before your move date. By being prepared and giving yourself good time to do so, this will help make your move easier and reduce the stress involved with moving. Try to do a little each evening, even if it’s only two or three boxes.
  2. Avoid packing items you may need before your move date!
  3. Weekends are an ideal opportunity to make real progress on your packing, ensure you stock up on packing materials as boxes and bubble wrap can be hard to find on weekends!
  4. Start with the most time consuming items, such as crystal, sets of china, wine glasses etc. It is a good idea to wrap these individually for safety.
  5. Always use strong double walled removal boxes. The two most common sizes when packing are medium and large. You will need plenty of bubble wrap and packing tape.
  6. When packing, make sure to label all the boxes on the sides, list the contents and where the boxes are to be taken to in the new home.
  7. Boxes containing fragile items or glass need to be clearly labelled FRAGILE.
  8. Use lots of bubble wrap when packing glass or fragile items.
  9. When packing liquid containers, ensure the containers are tightly closed and standing upright. Clearly label the box LIQUIDS.
  10. Try not to over fill boxes. The lids must be able to close flat in order to stack.
  11. Save your back and avoid lifting heavy boxes or other items on your own.
  12. Instead of wardrobe boxes use clothes rails with wheels. Wardrobe boxes are over priced, very weak and not suitable. Clothes rails can be easily picked up for the same price and can be used over and over again.
  13. Pack one room at a time. Stack the boxes in the center of the room with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. Leave walking space around the boxes.
  14. When disassembling furniture, store all the fixings in a plastic bag and tape the bag to the underside of the furniture.
  15. Moving home is also a great opportunity to de-clutter. Unwanted items, furniture etc. are often accepted in local charity shops.

Precautions for protecting your furniture during removal

  1. Items that are most vulnerable during a move are not made of crystal or glass, but surprisingly made of wood. Furniture that has been assembled at home tends not to travel to well. Reasons for this maybe poor assembly or just poor quality. Book shelf’s and dressers in particular tend not to travel well. Desks on the other hand are fine as they normally need to be dismantled to transport.
  2. To prolong the life of any furniture you may have assembled, it would be worthwhile to tighten all screws before it is moved. The most common cause of unstable furniture is the back panel being loose. This is held in place with little pins. We recommend ensuring this panel is in place and secured properly.

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