Removals to Sweden From Dublin

Forests, mountains, islands and lakes, not to mention Medieval towns, regal palaces and fascinating museums – the Scandinavian country of Sweden has plenty to offer.

Head East and you will find yourself in the capital, the coastal city of Stockholm. Amble along the cobblestone streets and survey the stunning architecture. Check out the many museums, bustling restaurants and designer boutiques.

Travel Southwest and you will happen upon Gothenburg (not to be confused with fictional Gotham City – the home of Batman). Gothenburg boasts winding canals, cafes, shops and is also home to Liseburg amusement park. Further South lies Malmo, with its eclectic mix of old Dutch-renaissance buildings and modish redeveloped waterfront.


Interesting Facts About Sweden

If you’re considering a move to Sweden then you won’t be short of things to see and do, here’s a few things you might like to know before you pack up and ship out:

  • The Swedes have numerous nicknames for their beloved country, including Landet Lagom – the moderate land where everything is done “just the right amount” and Det avlånga landet – the elongated country (the country stretches 1600 kilometres). Younger Swedes opt for slightly cheekier moniker related to the shape of their country, calling it En slak kuk – a limp penis!
  • English is widely spoken in Sweden, but if you want to fully integrate you should make an effort to learn the lingo. Whilst Swedish is the official language, the country also recognises minority languages such as Finnish, Meänkieli (closely related to Finnish), Romani, Sami and Yiddish.
  • Punctuality is taken seriously! This country, and its citizens, like to run on time. We’re talking trains that run as timetabled, friends not running late for coffee and workplace meetings that actually start at the time they’ve been organised!
  • The Swedes love their coffee and even have their own coffee-based tradition known as fika – everyone gets together and savours a hot drink and a sweet treat. You will also find that the country seems to have an affinity for lingonberry jam, which serves as a pleasant accompaniment to pancakes and porridge. It’s also often teamed with unlikelier dishes such as meatballs, and black pudding!
  • Eurovision is a beloved tradition – there’s even a national event dedicated to it called Melodifestivalen. During this hallowed affair (held throughout Feb and March) the citizens of Sweden come together to select who will represent the country. Sweden is one of the most successful Eurovision competitors, winning six times and gaining lots of top five results over the years.


Need a Helping Hand with Your Move?  

If you’re planning a move to Sweden from Dublin, we expect you’re buzzing with excitement (and so you should be)! However, moving home can be stressful, so why not enlist the help of a professional removals firm?

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