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3 Tips For A Successful House Removal

Congratulations, You’re ready to move to a new house and start a new chapter of your life.

Before you move, make sure that everything is ready in your new house before the transition, especially electricity, gas, internet, telephone and other services that need to be taken into consideration in advance. Also make sure you have indicated the schedule of furniture delivery to everybody involved. And don’t forget to cancel services in the old residence in a planned manner well in advance of the actual move.

Before the furniture removals arrive at the new location, check the measurements of the rooms, doors, elevators and stairs. To make it easier, you can mark the floor of the new house with tape, where objects will stay, so as to have a general notion of space.

If you live or live in a condominium, there are usually rules for making removals and other works that are noisy. Do not forget to warn both parties, and comply with these rules.

– A few days before you move

It is recommended that you start packing the items one week in advance. Start packing everything that is not used in everyday life, such as books, decorations, clothes from another season, little used crockery, among others. Only the essentials should be packed on the last day.

An important hint of how to organize change is to pack fragile objects well, using plastic bubble, cardboard and newspaper plentifully. Do not forget to identify the boxes that will house these items and indicate how they should be transported and whether they need to be handled with care or are fragile.

Take advantage of this moment when you will have to assess every household object you own to evaluate whether you should take it or if it is better to discard or donate it.

Create a special box for the first day after the move. In it, you must contain the objects of extreme use that the family will need to use immediately. The ideal is to be full of hygiene products, towels, bed set, some dishes, glasses, cutlery, basic cleaning supplies and some clothes. Thus, it is not necessary to search for essential items on the day of the change.

– The day you move

One way to organize a successful house removal is to always have more than one person to order the day of transition. It is interesting to have someone in the old house to meet the carrier and another in the new residence to receive them and indicate where the objects should be. It is recommended that the large pieces arrive first and then the small boxes. Your should always look to hire the best removals company. There experience will be invaluable to making sure everything goes smoothly/

– After the transition

The first day in the new house is dedicated to tidying up the most used environments such as the bedroom, bathroom and part of the kitchen.

It’s also time to change your mailing address so letters, bills, orders, and more arrive in your new home.

After the tips on how to organize change, just start packing your new home and enjoy the new phase of your life.

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Furniture Removals Dublin – Tips For Find Great Movers

Furniture Removals Dublin – Tips For Find Great Movers


Tip 1: Seek recommendations from others.


When we come to think of it, the first thing we do when we need help is to approach people we trust.  This is the quickest way of getting what we need.  They have been through the actual experiences; their first-hand experience is trust worthy as you can have an overall idea about the companies.


Another advantage is that you can attain useful tips from others, for example, the cheapest method, how to bargain.  If you are lucky enough, they may have discount codes, or you can even find someone who is interested in moving as well so there might be a chance there is a group discount.


When some companies are suggested repeatedly, then they are definitely worth looking into.  An effective tactic is to ask them their experience, price, rating, insurance, impressions and the amount they had to move.


Tip 2: Online research


Indeed, nothing is convincing enough in the virtual world.  However, online research is very useful for learning information about targeted companies and take online reviews as reference.  It enlarges your research scope, allowing more options and opinions for you.  It is important to keep track of your research, make a table, write it on your notebook, whatever helps you keep record.


Once you have a targeted Dublin Removals Company, find out their mandatory services and details.  Likewise, write down their details for easier comparison.  Here are a few basics that you might want to consider:

– Cost (request online quotations)

– insurance.

– Offers, packing services.  Some companies might offer free boxes and return the extras ones.

– free quotation and surveyor service

– Google Reviews are often a good indicator. People will rarely leave reviews unless they are extremely happy or unhappy.


Tip 3: Contact the companies.


The attitude of a company plays a big part in making your decisions.  The tone and attitude they have when treating their customers are the decisive elements.  Write down your questions, here are questions you might want to ask:

  • Staff training
  • Find out whether your goods are insured during transit.
  • Understand the policy on delays. Because it’s possible that some companies charge extra for delays.
  • Get to know their previous experience.


Tip 4: Be Aware of non-trustworthy companies.


You get what you payed for. It’s true, cheap quotations do not mean you have found the best company. Companies offering the best value are what you are looking for. You need to ensure that your items arrive intact and there are no claims from uninsured staff, not just the underlying price.  Some unreasonably cheap companies might be unlicensed and their staff might be untrained.

How to define professional ones from the others?  In short, the company should give you a feeling that they are fully experienced.  They are supposed to guide you through every step, ensuring the procedure to be smooth and sound.  Remember to check their licenses and reviews online.  Also, call them and consult them.  Their response should leave you no misunderstandings.  Remember to check their payment methods, cash-only payment and private account payment are highly suspicious.




3 get cracking removal trucks on residential street

A Quick Guide To Apartment Removals

Apartment Removals Can Be Tricky – Often You Will Have To Negotiate Large Items Out Of Tight And Confined Spaces. It Is Important To Always Use An Experienced Moving Company To Avoid Damage To Your Furniture And Property. By Following This Quick Guide Your Move Should Become Less Hassle And More Approachable.

First of all, plan everything within the timeframe available. Do not delay, start by making a list of all the steps and separate them in order of importance. Listing everything you have at home, from furniture to small objects is recommended.

Sort everything and decide what will travel with you to the new house. This is the best time to get rid of all the old junk you no longer need. Lend, donate, make a bazaar among friends, sell or trade anything you no longer use and that only takes up space. You will find that you need less than you imagine to live well. The same goes for your wardrobe, do a clean out!

Save. Search is key, search the internet or inquire with known, experienced removals experts and freight information. Compare values, cost benefit and negotiate. Pack alone and remember not to fill the boxes so they do not weigh too much. Hire crates to make your job easier.

Measure all rooms in the new apartment before you bring the curtains and lockers and find that they do not fit the layout. It is important to view all furnished environments in advance. If you have furniture made just to fit in a special place, they must be the first to be installed. It makes a lot of difference to have the dishes stored in the kitchen on the day of the change.

The same goes for the clothes. Take whatever is to hang directly on the hangers, the rest goes in suitcases organized by pieces and station. Winter, summer … Just save!

Define the responsibilities of each family member. If you go it alone, get help from friends, or from collaborators. Set up a form of gratification, which may be the exchange of the service for a mobile or appliance in good condition but you will discard in the change.

Carry documents, valuables, open perfumes and anything that is more personal and delicate with you, so they will not be misplaced during the move.

Prioritize the organization of the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and service area facilities.

Ideally, on the same day of the move already have a person to do the small installations like frames, shelves and other items that need to stick. So, everything is ready at once for fine cleaning. Remember to inform the condo and neighbours, and in advance,  apologize for any nuisance caused.

Moving to Europe

Tips For Shipping Personal Effects

When you want to send peoples personal effects internationally, you will have to take into account some situations. The international transport of valuable goods can be tricky so it is important to choose a company with experience in international removals.

For the choice of the appropriate form of transport, some factors must be analysed, such as origin and destination points, urgency of delivery, weight of cargo, availability, cost of service and frequency of shipments, all these factors can be negotiated according to the shipping company you hire.

It is appropriate to read and take into account all clauses of the insurance contract before sending any item. The contract of insurance is an important document linking to removal company with the insured, to indemnify them from future losses, due to unforeseen causes, such as accidents, fires, thefts, shipwrecks, disasters, losses and even damage to the articles.

The use of transport insurance is not mandatory for those who send valuable personal items, but it is of extreme importance in ensuring you are safe from loss on the valuable items you are sending. If an uninsured shipment suffers a loss, the customer will more than likely have to bear the costs involved in the loss.

Since insurance refers to the period of time when the merchandise is held by the international carrier, it is natural that the insured amount adds an additional portion to the price stated on the invoice. This additional charge serves to cover various expenses that the insured may have in relation to the accident that may occur.

To cover claims in case of loss, a premium is paid to the insurance company. This premium is calculated by a percentage on the value of the commodity and is determined by: Type of transport, merchandise, packing, perishability, destination, period covered, type of coverage (complete, partial, etc.), and accident rate (the lower, the lower the insurance rate).

The air shipment usually has an insurance rate equivalent to half of the maritime and land modalities. However, container shipments have reduced insurance premiums.

If the valuable articles, travel with you, in addition to insurance previously contracted, stating in writing the type of transportation and area of origin covered by the insurance, it will be convenient to carry invoices for purchase, as it may be necessary to declare and prove in customs that the article is yours, and not an export for commercial purposes.

In any case, there are several solutions, and several carriers with experience in the field of valuable international shipments, which after requesting budgets may offer more than one service option, more or less expansive.

Remember that as a rule, the cheap is expensive, it is better to invest more and have the security of a better and safer shipment.


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Challenges In Offices Removals Dublin

Removals require planning, organization, and patience, especially when we speak about desktops and cabinets, where dozens of  important documents and the staff that own them are involved that need to be coordinated well. The main goal to coordinate this process in such a way that the impacts on productivity are as little as possible. It is essential that your removals company are organised and plan the move out well.

Pack and secure everything possible when transporting

Keeping everything organized and identified is always a good idea when it comes to an office removal and it is important to seperate boxes by business area and paste labels to identify what each one contains. Although in the new space the division of the environments may be different, remember to use sturdy folders so nothing is lost.

Give priority to certain the most important documents and office equipment

The most important documents need to be treated with high priority and any office equipment that is fragile needs to be separated so it can be transported with care.

Prepare customers and employees in advance

A removal should never catch the employees by surprise. They should always have enough time to get used to the idea of moving to a new place, so they can organise themselves and nothing gets left behind. The help of the team is essential to make the process more agile. The same goes for customers, who need to be clearly communicated to about the new address information, so customers already know what is going on, and they will be more tolerant and less inconvenienced.

Entrust someone to guide and supervise

Choose one or more employees, according to the size of the company, to be responsible for the general supervision of the move. The person in charge should pay attention to the detail, ensuring nothing is forgotten, observing the best practices and maintaining the organization as much as possible.

Reassess what is needed

Take the opportunity to re-evaluate the documents, objects, furniture and equipment that will really continue to be useful in the new office. Focus on functionality and eliminate excesses. That way, your removal will be lighter and you can get rid of old items that are no longer useful.

In order to have an efficient and professional removal, contact specialists, there are several companies that are dedicated to changes of desks that have the necessary equipment for this type of work.

Experienced companies with great reviews are always more reliable and get the job done with less friction

Moving to Europe

Importance of Removals to France Companies

There are always going to be times when you find it necessary to move out from a place to another. It can be an office removal or a household relocation. You are best off to hire an experienced moving company which will achieve cheaper rates on international removals. Your furniture and other belongings should always get to the new location safely. It is thus wise that you consider getting a professional removal company to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Get Cracking removals will benefit you greatly in this regard. We will make your removal to France more comfortable and less stressful.

House and office removal experts have the expertise and experience that can save you money in the long run. They will be responsible for the packing and loading of goods from your old place and also unload and unpack the goods to your new residence. Removals to France will be faster for they have established techniques and strategies in all these areas. The company has valid insurance and so you can rest assured that we have you covered.

We also offer some additional services from the normal package such as pet transportation,cleaning, unpacking, storage boxes and a volume calculator. Our removal experts are well trained, and they are experienced in packaging and handling of different goods. This assures you that your goods are not at risk of getting damaged along the way.

The packing and the loading offered by this removal Company meet the international standards. Removals to France will require you to do intensive preparation. With proper preparations, the removal process will be much easier and fast. Make enough time to look for the right removal company. Get one with experience, with trained professionals and a history of good reviews. Compare the charges of different removal companies. Consider a company with the best package at a fair price.

Office Removals Dublin

Office Removals Dublin

Office Removals Dublin

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Get Cracking Removals specialize in office removals in Dublin. We cater for large moves and small office removals.

3 get cracking removal trucks on residential street

Why it’s important to hire the best Apartment Removal Company

When we need to make changes in our lives, and move to a new city, or bigger house it is essential to choose a good House Removal Company. Although when we think about moving for the first time it seems to be a simple thing, it is not! Moving all our goods implies a lot of care will need to be taken and there are many companies that do not have the necessary skills to get the job done without causing any damage. Because house removal does not only mean having a van and having a few people to put the items away. Especially when you consider tight stairwells and restricted entrances in apartment removals, it is always advisable to hire an experienced company.

There are many companies that do not have loss and damage insurance, or that do not provide adequate Moving boxes to securely pack the articles, who dont use the right levels of handling care and are subject delays in the provision of their service. Sometimes companies offer an hourly fee but conceal hidden rates, usually minimal charges or additional charges depending on the radius of the distance between the pickup and the destination. Do not opt for amateurs, nor for the lowest prices, skilled professionals can cost a little more, but in the end, it will work out much cheaper and easier.

When opting for a removal company, keep in mind the following details that can make all the difference:

  1. Don’t always go with the company that offers the lowest price. This has to be one of the biggest mistakes made by customers; a company that offers you a price of 25% to 40% lower than others, will certainly not be able to take everything into account, and you could probably end up with loss or damages. There is also a high risk of having to pay extra fees that will actually make it more expensive than other companies.
  2. Have a signed contract, do not allow any company to start the work without the contract being signed and having a description of the services and the amount that should be paid, and if applicable with all the articles to be transported.
  3. Choose a company that has the right license and insurance! All moving companies in Dublin must have the right insurance to perform their service. And try to also have access to the history of complaints and reviews about the company.
  4. Provide all the details about the pickup and drop-off destination, for example, if the apartment is on the fourth floor and does not have an elevator, etc., so there are no additional charges.

Do not try to do the removal with friends and with rental vans. This whole process can take even longer and get even more expensive than if you had hired a specialized apartment removals company. And in case of a problem, you always have someone to blame. If you do it with your friends, it will be a stressful and a personal problem!

Do not be in doubt about the insurance options; some accidents may happen during your move, and most of the time the objects are not covered by insurance. So be sure of the insurance you have chosen.

For the company you have hired, find out basic information, go to the facilities, and see the published price list. Be honest and transparent so the company can present you the best service and solutions in the most convenient and professional way!

Best of luck with your Apartment Removal from all the gang at Get Cracking Removals Ltd.

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Get Cracking Removals offer a daily service to the UK.  Get Cracking Removals cater for large and small moves to the UK.

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For smaller moves to London and other UK cities, our transit time is two or three days, for larger moves, it may take longer.




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