Removals from Dublin to Greece

Changing homes from one country to another can come with a mixture of excitement and anxiety!

Moving to Greece from Dublin is no different and the prospect of packing and transporting your household contents can seem like a monumental task!

What do you need to know about removals from Dublin to Greece? Here are some tips to help you make your move to Greece smooth sailing all the way.

Pick a Reliable International Removals Company

Finding a reliable international removal team is essential. This way you can rest assured your furniture, grandma’s valuable piano, and the rest of your household contents are safely packed and transported.

Shipping goods abroad involves uploading and offloading while moving through various warehouses in shipyards or airports.

With so much handling taking place, picking a reliable removals team who knows what they’re doing will give you peace of mind your items will arrive at your new home all in one piece.

Let the Experts Handle the Packing

Whether your household goods are transported via land, sea or air, they need to be packed securely.

Hiring a professional removals team to handle the packing means your goods, both every day and fragile items, are packed correctly.

The right packing materials and custom crates will be used to ensure your household contents are safe during transportation.

Speak to the removals company about their full packing services and relax knowing your furniture and other items will be well protected during the move.

Consider Marine Transit Insurance

Anything can go wrong when shipping your household content from Dublin to Greece even when using the best removals team.

Taking out moving insurance for international relocations means you don’t have to worry about additional costs if there’s loss or damage during shipping.

Speak to your removals company about marine transit insurance. This type of insurance will cover all your goods while in transit between Dublin and Greece. This includes shipping by air, sea, or land.

Will You Need Storage Services?

Will you be renting for a month or so before moving into your new home in Greece? Or, staying a few nights in a hotel before your new home becomes vacant?

Whatever the case, you’ll need to consider storing your household contents before taking up residence in your new home. Make sure your removals company is able to offer you storage services.

Being able to store your household items and furniture either in Dublin or in Greece means they’re kept in a safe place until you’re ready for them to be moved to your new destination.

Final Thoughts

By hiring a professional removals team to ship your home contents from Dublin to Greece means less worries for you.

You’ll know your items are securely packed, insured, and if necessary, safe in storage until you settle into your new home.

When you start planning your move to Greece speak to the experts at Get Cracking Removals and let them handle the logistics. This way, you can relax!

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