How Soon Before Moving Should I Start Packing?

Moving to a new home can be exciting. But the thought of packing up your own home could leave you feeling overwhelmed!

Whenever you look at how much there needs to be packed, your heart starts racing and you decide to leave the job for another day. But how soon before moving should you start packing?

Moving experts recommend you start packing at least three weeks before the actual day of the move. However, depending on how much stuff you have it’s advised to prepare yourself for packing six to eight weeks before the big move.

To minimise the stress of moving, packing well in advance makes the actual move day go smoother and easier for you and everyone involved. Here are some tips to packing early before you move.

Make a List of What to Pack

Making a list of what needs to be packed should be done as soon as you know you’re moving to a new home.

Go through each room in your house and list the items you want to take with you to your new home and the stuff you don’t need any more.

This list will help you prepare for packing and decrease the amount you need to pack when you give away or discard the items you no longer need.

Start Packing Non-Essentials

Your list will give you an indication of the non-essential items you won’t need in the month or two before moving.

These could include seasonal clothing, crockery and cutlery you only use on special occasions and the items stored in your attic. The guest room can also be packed well before your move date.

It takes up to three to four days to fully pack a three-bedroom house. If you leave everything to the last minute, you’re going to find packing a stressful exercise. So start early by packing the non-essential items.

Packing Before the Last Minute

Once you’ve packed the non-essentials, you can start focusing on the items that can be packed two to three weeks before moving. Refer to your list again and start packing up each room in the house.

Keep the packed boxes in the rooms and make sure they’re clearly marked.

Last minute packing should be done a week to three days before the actual move date. These include packing your kitchen, clothing and bedding. Whatever you do, avoid leaving packing for the night before the move!

Final Thoughts

The first step to moving is being organised. Making a list of what you want to take with you and what can be donated, sold or thrown away is the first step to preparing for packing.

The sooner you begin the packing process, the better the actual day of the move will be. And packing can start as soon as eight weeks before moving.

However, if you start three weeks before your move, you can still manage to pack up your whole house with minimal stress if done methodically. So get packing sooner and enjoy moving to your new home with peace of mind everything is under control.