Moving From Dublin To Cork

Cork is the largest region in Ireland and is in Munster province.

Many Irish residents choose to move to Cork because the cost of living is more affordable compared to other regions in Ireland.

If you’re planning on moving from Dublin to Cork, then you may want to continue reading. Find out the cost of living in Cork as well as how to move to the region in this post.


Quality Of Life In Cork

Cork is an ideal place to live because it has business freedom, healthcare, and safety.

You have the opportunity to work at some of the leading companies in the world such as Apple & Emc.

What’s more, Cork has a lower crime rate compared to Dublin so it’s an ideal place to raise children.

There are also a variety of high-quality schools and colleges to send your children when they get older.

Another perk of living in Cork is that the region has high internet speeds.

So, if you work remotely and rely on network connections to work, you’ll experience fast and reliable internet speeds.


Cost Of Living In Cork

Did you know that the cost of living in Dublin is 5.13% higher than the cost of living in Cork?

This is one of the main reasons why people choose to move to Cork because housing is cheaper to rent and buy in the region.

Here are the costs you can expect if you want to rent an apartment in Cork:

  • One bedroom apartment in the city centre between €1000 and €1500 per month
  • One bedroom apartment outside of the city cost between €800 and €1000 per month
  • Three-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs between €1580 and €3000 per month
  • Three-bedroom apartment outside the city costs between €1200 and €1900 per month

On the other hand, if you choose to buy property in Cork it will cost you €3398 per square meter if you buy in the city centre. Or €2460 per square meter outside of the city.


Cost Of Food In Cork

Another reason, residents choose to move from Dublin to Cork is because of the cost of essential food items.

Food is more affordable in Cork compared to other regions in Dublin. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Cork can cost you between €10 and €35 which is considered affordable.

A three-course meal for two people at a midrange restaurant can cost you €70. But what about essential food items? Look at the expected cost for everyday food items in Cork:

  • 1 litre milk €0.90
  • Loaf of bread €1.65
  • Dozen regular eggs €3.19
  • 1kg of cheese €8.00
  • 1kg of ground beef €10.25
  • 1kg of chicken filets €8.15

Luxury items such as beer can cost you €2.63 per 0.5 litres and a pack of cigarettes can cost you €14.00.


How To Move From Dublin To Cork Safely

If you want to move to Cork safely, you’ll need a removal company to transport your furniture, fragile goods and even your animals.

Services such as Dublin Van Movers to move your goods across Ireland hassle free and at affordable rates.

If you are planning on moving from Dublin to Cork, it’s advised that you plan your move in advance to eliminate stress and mistakes.

Moving takes time and will require some planning to complete the task especially if you’re moving far distances


Final Thoughts

The distance from Dublin to cork is 2.53 hours away so it’s going to take some time to arrive at your destination.

Make the move stress-free by opting for a professional removal company to assist you. Good luck on your Journey to Cork!