What Do I Need To Know About Relocating From Ireland To Thailand?

Moving houses is a scary process. Moving continents? This process can be quite daunting. There are certain things you need to know about moving to Thailand before you commit to the decision. Living in Ireland, you are used to your own culture. In Thailand, things will be a little different.

Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand and is the religion of the king. Both religion and royalty are respected and held sacred. It is best not to speak ill of either.

Research your new place of residence carefully because most Thai apartments do not have a kitchen. You will eat out for most or all of your meals. Food is cheap and always available. This ultimately means less packing for you to do but it does mean you will need to pick up some new language skills.

Thailand is mainly a cash-based society, learn about the currency and some key phrases surrounding bartering. Bring your bank cards from your home country to draw cash easily at a bank.

Get in touch with ex-pats in Thailand and ask for advice and assistance when it comes to getting around. They live there so they already know. It would be helpful to have the wisdom of someone who has already made beginner’s mistakes.

When you are ready to make the move, always use certified experts to assist in the transportation of your belongings and you! A certified expert comes with references, transparent fees, and insurance.

Shipping your belongings internationally needs to be done carefully as they will have to go through strict customs. A detailed manifest must be provided with your belongings to customs to avoid a more detailed and expensive search. Be careful not to include items that are not allowed access into Thailand.

Get in touch with your local embassy or consulate to find out all the legal requirements to move from Ireland to Thailand. Contact a reliable and certified moving company to help you get your belongings underway.