Removals to Turkey from Dublin

Removals To Turkey

Located between the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea, and bordering Bulgaria Georgia, Greece and Syria, Turkey is a unique country, bursting with history.  Those relocating to Turkey tend to head to the big cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul, where there are employment opportunities within the service sector e.g. finance, insurance etc. This sector makes up a hefty part of the Turkish economy, along with the textile industry, and growing electronics and construction sector.


If you’re thinking about making the move to Turkey you probably know that it’s one of the few countries that lies on two continents – Eastern Europe and Western Asia. You may have already witnessed the pleasant climate for yourself, and tried a bite or two of the countries delicious Turkish delight. But there are a few things you might not know about this fascinating country. Allow us to enlighten you:


  • Turkey has an unusual national sport – grease wrestling, which dates back to 1362. Wrestlers smoother themselves in slippery olive oil and then writhe around until one is crowned the winner (by either pinning his opponent to the floor or carrying him up three steps).


  • London boasts the oldest underground railway. But Turkeys Istanbul Tünel comes a close second, opening in 1975.


  • You might have heard of the fabled city of Troy and its Trojan Horse; you will find the city situated on the Turkish Aegean Coast.


  • In the 7th century the Roman Empire introduced Turkey to traditional bathing, and Turkish baths or hammam as they are known, became popular.


  • If you’re moving to Turkey you might want to practise your Backgammon (or learn how to play if you don’t already know). This ancient game dates back to 3000 B.C and is played often.


  • Renowned architect Mimar Sinan (who was born in 1497) held the impressive title of Chief of Imperial Architects and designed a whopping 321 buildings. You can still see 85 of them today, one of which is the Süleymaniye Mosque.


  • We’ve mentioned delicious Turkish delight – but did you know Winston Churchill was a big fan of the sweet treat? He particularly enjoyed pistachio flavoured Turkish delight!


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