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5 Signs You Need To Hire A Removal Company


Moving house is an expensive business so it is not surprising that you might be trying to cut your cost wherever you can. You might even be considering doing the move yourself. This will depend on the size of your load, location of the houses and what help you have available.

The main advantages are that it is cheaper, and you can be a bit more flexible and work to your own schedule. However it is not an option for every move. Here are some of the signs that you would probably be best to hire a professional company


A large load

This is probably the most important factor to consider. If it is a very small load, for example, your son or daughter moving into their college residence then you might be happy to do that yourself. You will probably need to borrow or hire a small van.

Or you could perhaps even do it in your own car. If on the other hand, you are moving the entire contents of your home, you are likely to find that you have taken on too much.


Lots of heavy items

As well as the quantity of the load, the weight of the load can also be a factor, especially if it contains many individual heavy weight items. It is so easy to put your back out trying to lift sofas, wardrobes or kitchen appliances.

There is, of course a right way and a wrong way to do it and professional removers will be expert in the correct techniques for handling and lifting heavy objects. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to protect their back when lifting and so could risk injury. While friends may be willing to help, you may decide that it is not work taking the chance.

Professional movers also all have the very best of storage supplies and packing materials.


Moving heavy furniture and appliances is a challenge at the best of times but if there are stairs at either end it makes it a lot more difficult.

And while going up the stairs is obviously difficult and hard work, carrying heavy loads downstairs can also be tricky and can be a cause of accidents if not handled properly.



Help …

Many hands make light work and that is certainly true when it comes to moving house. If you decide to do it yourself make sure that you have plenty people to help.

Because the people helping will be less experience they are likely to find it hard work so you will need to be sure to relieve them so that they don’t get too tired.


And hinderance

Another thing to take into account is whether or not there will be children around, especially if they want to “help”. Children, especially young children can easily get in the way without meaning to, which could potentially lead to accidents.

Having professional removers means that you can keep your children safe and give them more attention during what can sometimes be an unsettling day.