Domestic Removals Vs International — What Needs to be Considered?

Moving is beyond stressful, that is, if you dont take the time to prepare your move properly.

Having a clear idea of what needs to be considered when you are moving will help reduce the stress and let you focus on other aspects of relocating.

Use these tips to create a removal To-Do list!


Domestic Vs International

Domestic removals are far simpler than international ones. However, they still pose their own problems.

Your first step is to identify exactly what you need to have moved. To do this you need to do a decluttering of your possessions and list everything that needs to be packed and moved to your new residence.

Once you have a list and a rough idea of the size of the truck or van you will need, you can go ahead and look at different moving companies. If you are not sure of the size of the truck then send the list to the company and ask what they recommend!

Contact as many as you can and get quotes to compare them all. Make sure you are specific about where you are relocating to so that you do not get caught out by extra charges. Then go ahead and pick your best bet.

Top Tips

Top Tip 1: Clearly label the moving boxes that have glass or other breakables in them! This reminds you and the movers of which boxes need to be taken extra care of!

Your possessions are valuable and not everyone will treat them that way. Get some temporary moving insurance to cover any breakages that may happen during the removal.

To mitigate as many breakages as possible, pack your things carefully. Use bubble wrap to protect the corners of furniture. Use newspaper to wrap up dishes and decorations.

Top Tip 2: Instead of packing your blankets and bedding in one big box, use them to line the boxes that will be transporting fragile items! They act as an extra cushion and shock absorber.

International removals are a little more stressful because you do not have as much control over the situation as you would a domestic removal. There are some things to consider doing that will make your life easier.


Get Insurance

INSURANCE! Insurance is the Number One thing to have when you moving internationally. Whether it is by air, sea, or land insurance will set your mind at ease more than anything else.

Make sure you have a detailed manifest of your belongings down to how many spoons and forks are in the box labeled ‘Kitchen Box 3.’ This manifest will need to be presented to the removal authority as well as your insurance agent.

If you cannot manage to travel with your belongings then make sure you have someone you trust waiting at the destination to identify and claim your belongings and begin the process of getting them to your new residence.

Communication is key on all levels when you are moving domestically or internationally. Keep open lines of communication with your movers, family members, insurance agent, and any authorities that need to be involved.