Commercial Vs Residential Moves

The difference between commercial and residential moves is the amount of productivity lost in the move.

Residential moves can happen at the resident’s pace.

When you pack up your house, you have done so in stages to ensure everything is accounted for and the process is largely unrushed. Apart from antiques and appliances, there are no specialty items to pack up.

You then move your boxes yourself or the moving company comes in and transports all of your things.

When you get to your new residence, you can unpack room by room when you have the time. You do not need the entire house up and running within a day at the cost of productivity.

Commercial businesses lose out on productivity and profit every hour they are not up and running.

A commercial move needs to be done by experienced professionals that can help the business every step of the way so that they do not experience extended downtime. The whole process needs to be planned from the beginning.

The movers will come in and remove heavy machinery, large office appliances, and electronics at the same time as desks, and other furniture.

The heavy machinery and electronics need to be transported by professionals because there are correct and incorrect ways to do it. The incorrect way of moving a piece of machinery could result in damage or additional downtime for the business.

Commercial movers also need to move sensitive material that the business is bound by law to protect. This could come in the form of tax records or employee details in physical files or on servers.

If servers are not transported correctly, they can become damaged and the owner of the business can be sued for loss of cyber property.

Finally, the commercial movers will sit and plan with the business on how the new commercial space will be laid out so that once employees enter the building they can get straight to work and minimize the business’s downtime.

The residential move happens in one day as does the commercial move.

However, the residential packing up and unpacking process can be set by the resident to suit their personal needs and timetables.

The commercial packing up and unpacking need to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent loss of business and productive time.

When moving your residence or business, make sure that you hire qualified and experienced movers in the right category!