How Much Does A Man With A Van Service Cost In Dublin?

There are a couple of things to consider when weighing up the costs of removal or ‘Man with a Van’ services.

They are the vehicle type (S/L), the nominal and hourly charge, the length of distance to your destination, the extra services, and the number of men.

Van size:

There is no point in ordering a small van (small apartment no furniture) and making three trips (which costs extra) or ordering a large van (apartment or small house with furniture) and only filling up half the space.

Look carefully at the dimensions of the vans and what the company suggests is best for you. Bigger vans will cost about €20 to €40 more than small vans. However, the extra charge (per hour) for extra trips can easily end up being more expensive.


Most removal companies offer a nominal rate for x-number of hours depending on the size of the service you have ordered. If the removal goes over that, then an hourly fee is charged. The going rate for one man is about €60 for a small van and €80 for a large van.

Single item delivery that can be done with one man and your help can be charged at as little as €50. An extra fee is charged for another man to help, approximately €25 extra.


The distance to and from your destination needs to be taken into consideration. Removal of a small apartment with furniture within the central districts of Dublin would cost you around €80. However, removal of the same size from Dublin to Balbriggan would cost you €100.

Extra services:

Many companies will offer extra services like dismantling reassembling furniture. Make sure to mention these requests upfront as they are built into a higher nominal cost or they are charged as extra time.

Top Tip: Over-communication with the removal company is better than under-communicating and making mistakes that cost you more money.