Removals From Ireland to Portugal

So, you’re ready for a change and you’ve decided you’ll start a new life in Portugal. When moving there from Ireland, it will be an entirely different lifestyle, so get ready for an adventure.

Adventures can be challenging but if you start out correctly, it won’t be too overwhelming. So, use these guidelines and tips to prepare yourself, particularly about what removals from Ireland to Portugal usually entail.


Why are YOU Moving to Portugal?

It’s important to move for the right reasons, no matter which destination you pick. If you don’t consider all the implications, you may become disillusioned and regret the change.

When going to Portugal you’ll probably love the weather and it’s also very affordable when compared to some other EU countries. People feel relatively safe living there and appreciate the free healthcare available since 2002.

And be sure to check out the great beaches!

Of course, moving from Ireland to Portugal means you may have a language barrier to overcome, since most people only speak Portuguese.

Also, don’t assume all places accept regular Visa or Mastercard credit cards, or that your new apartment has central heating. Winter may feel a bit chilly.


Expenses to Consider

Once you’re set on moving to Portugal, your removal process will require a budget that covers the following:

  • Moving items from your home to a port or airport in Ireland.
  • The costs for moving your items—cars, house contents and more—to Portugal by air or by sea
  • Possible costs for storage once it arrives in Portugal.
  • Short distance removal costs between the port/airport and your new home.
  • Insurance for the time your belongings are in a shipping company’s possession, although some vendors automatically include this in the quote. But don’t assume—ask your vendor.
  • Additional costs if you request the moving company to pack your belongings.
  • Accommodation for you and your family while en route to your new home


Tips on Removals from Ireland to Portugal

Preparing for a move is all about having a plan that will simplify your life and minimise the risk of problems. Use these tips for smooth sailing when moving to Portugal:

  • Get detailed quotes from removal companies so you can accurately compare what you’ll get from different vendors and pick the best one.
  • Paying a moving company to do packing on your behalf could be money well spent. These experts know how to pack in a way that guarantees minimal damage to your furniture and other belongings.
  • Discuss timelines with your moving company so you can accurately plan your moving in on the other side. Some vendors have weekly services to Portugal, while others take shipments less regularly. Plan your moving in close to a delivery date so you’ll have your furniture almost from the very start.
  • Apart from moving cars, furniture and clothes, you’ll move money to Portugal. Money transfer providers charge different rates, so compare your options before you make that transfer.
  • Use a vendor that can assist with documentation, advise you or even do it on your behalf. It’s so much easier and prevents unnecessary delays in your move.

Many people are happy and content after their move to Portugal. Use these tips and you’ll be one of them, even though it’s wise to save enough for an occasional trip back home to beautiful Ireland.