Removals From Ireland To Cyprus

‘Cyprus’ sounds like holiday for most people, but why return if you can make it your new home?

Moving there from Ireland? Here’s all you need to know.


Cyprus – The Place to Live!

When you’re moving from Ireland to Cyprus, you’ll join a considerable expat community and it’s easy why many choose to stay there.

The country has a good infrastructure and the climate is attractive for anyone who enjoys warmer days. On top of that you’ll have exceptional local cuisine to pick from.

Of course, Cyprus is a small place to move to, so don’t expect too much in terms of retail centres. Also, make sure you’re comfortable with your new salary, since it’s bound to be lower than some other countries’.

However, the living costs are also lower, so you may not feel the financial impact in a big way once you’ve settled all your moving costs.


How Much Does it Cost to Move to Cyprus?

A move to Cyprus can cost you around €2000 on average, but note that this estimation is for the contents of a 2-bedroom house, if moved by sea.

Multiple factors will affect the final amount you need to budget for:

  • How much of your belongings you want to move to Cyprus. You may decide to sell some of it and use the money for the move and buy new items once you arrive.
  • Whether the removal is by air or sea. Usually anything bigger than a 1-bedroom home will require shipping by sea, since a plane can take a very limited weight.
  • Whether you use a 20ft container, a 40ft container, or share space with others in a container.
  • The destination port and how much you’ll pay for delivery from there to your new home. Ports include:
    • Nicosia
    • Limassol
    • Larnaca
    • Paphos
    • Protaras


Removal Process

Here’s what you can expect during the removal process.


A removal company will assess your property either in person or based on information you supply. Provide as much detail as possible so they can quote accurately and provide relevant advice.


Removal companies will send quotes, which you can compare to pick the best one.


You can pack your home’s contents yourself, or ask the moving company to do it for you.

They have the experience and knowledge to do it in such a way that damage is kept to a minimum. If you do pack yourself, use appropriate boxes, tape and other moving resources to protect your assets.



The removal company will load your items and take it to the point of exit from Ireland. Then it will travel by air or sea and arrive in a port of entry in Cyprus.

Depending on arrangements, it may be kept in storage along the way. Discuss this with your vendors so you know whether you’ll need to pay for this privilege.



Your shipping company will bring your belongings to your door and you can start your new life.

Did you know you can even consider shipping your baggage to Cyprus for a holiday? Some companies will deliver your luggage and even your bike or golf clubs to your hotel, simplifying your trip by plane. No cumbersome items to lug around.

So, for a holiday or a new permanent address in Cyprus, it’s time to start planning!