Removals To Barcelona From Dublin – What You Need To Know

Are you thinking of a move to Barcelona? That’s a big move! It would be best if you had a convenient, experienced and safe relocation partner. But first, let’s explore a brief guide on immigrating to Barcelona. The article will look over basic facts about the city and information about services for international removals to the city.

And we offer the best, most affordable, and cost-effective options to move to Barcelona.

Barcelona visa regulations

Immigrating to Spain from EU countries doesn’t require a visa. A non-EU citizen can stay in Barcelona for 3- months, after which you’ll need a visa. Immigrating for more than 90 days, you’ve to obtain a visa for Spain.

Visa types ex-pats to Barcelona:

  • Work visa-secured a job in Barcelona and signed a long-term contract, then apply or work visa.
  • Student visa-enroll in one of the Spanish universities for BA or Master programs, which more accessible to get a student visa.
  • Family reunification visa- in case one of your relatives is a Spanish citizen or a legal resident based in Barcelona or any other Spanish city, you can apply for a visa.


About living in Barcelona?

The thought of Spain leads to Barcelona, which is commonly known as the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. You’re immigrating to one of the most visited cities in the world. It’s not that easy to move to Barcelona, but with the influx of visitors from the USA, Latin America, the UK, and European countries looking to move to Barcelona, something worth a try.

Strong willpower, coupled with the right resources, makes Barcelona relocation easy.


Finding a house/apartment in Barcelona

The average cost of rent in Barcelona is considerably low compared to other top cities in the world. You can easily rent a 1-bedroom flat in Barcelona city center for about €900. The same apartment goes for €750 outside the city. Real estate properties go for at least €3,000 per 1 square meter.


The cost of living in Barcelona

The cost of living in Barcelona is around €1,000 a month, and keep in mind utilities are rarely included in the rent, which is significantly higher compared to other Spanish cities.


The job market in Barcelona

The Barcelona job market has a high percentage of positions in the world developed sectors of the economy. The most popular jobs for ex-pats are in tourism, language teaching, and the IT sector. Most people moving to Barcelona in search of better jobs should care for their employment situations a while in advance.

Search for jobs for foreigners in Barcelona is very competitive, thus secure an appointment before your immigrate to Barcelona.


Education and school in Barcelona

Spain schools are either public, private (international), or semiprivate.

  • Public school – free, but parents pay for books and materials.
  • International schools- known as private schools for foreigners following language and curriculum for a foreign country at a high standard level education.
  • Semiprivate school- best for kids who prefer small class sizes, but can’t afford a private international school in the city. The school follows generally follow the Spanish curriculum and Catalan language.


Healthcare in Barcelona

The Barcelona health care system is among the best in the world. You’ll need a healthcare card (TSI) after immigrating with an opportunity to reach the services of the Catalan public health care system. Expats consider a private healthcare system to avoid the long queues and weeks of waiting before getting specialist care.

Invest in Barcelona private health insurance that grants your family access to private clinics with the top specialist (English speaking doctors).

Driving in Barcelona 

EU and EEA citizens use their valid international driver’s license in Barcelona. Register with Spanish travel authorities within six months of your move to obtain a Spanish driver’s license. Immigrating from the USA, you can use your US license in Barcelona as you await an International driving permit (IDP). Six months apply for a Spanish driver’s license.