Top 5 Cheapest Cities To Relocate In Europe

Looking to relocate in Europe? Here are the 5 cheapest cities to move to in 2020.

One of the greatest things about Europe is that there is a place for everyone to love. Whether you enjoy bustling city life or the calm countryside, there is a place for you. Gorgeous beaches, huge mountains, never-ending magical forests, Europe has it all

If you are looking to relocate on a budget this year, then you have come to the right blog. 

We have compiled 5 of the cheapest cities to move to in Europe. 

Warsaw, Poland

The capital of Poland is a surprising gem for many. From awesome nightlife to affordable bars and fancy restaurants, you could easily live a luxurious life in this fascinating city. Warsaw has a rich history, and for many aspiring artists, its the city to be. European art galore, and diverse architecture, Poland is a great place to relocate. 


Bucharest, Romania

Low-cost living, a growing job market, and a great quality of life, its no wonder many choose to us out Bucharest, Romania. Imagine being surrounded by exquisite forests, mysterious castles, and long winding roads. There is also a growing need for those in the tech industry. Bucharest is fast becoming the place known for digital nomads. You can live a comfortable life in Bucharest at a minimum cost. Before you move over though, be sure to read up a bit about Romanian history, as this is important to the Romanians, and it will show them that you respect them as people, as well as their country.


Prague, Czech Republic

Did you know that Prague is one of the cheapest European cities to live in? Not only is Prague enchantingly beautiful but it is rich in cultural history. Prague is said to also have some of the best beer in Europe. So if nightlife, bars, and great food is your thing, Prague could be for you. If you have a family, Prague also has some really great international schools for your children. 

Work/life balance is also very appealing to many ex-pats around the world, making Prague a wonderful relocation option.


Lisbon, Portugal

Looking for a place with an excellent climate? Portugal boasts some of the best weather in the whole of Europe. Beautiful beaches, a vibrant city, and delicious food is a superb reason for many to move to Lisbon. Besides the fabulous scenery, living in Lisbon is really affordable.

You can get a high quality of life with a low budget. As the economy in Lisbon keeps on growing, there is always a need for professionals from all over Europe to move there.  The property market is also relatively cheap, meaning that you coil afford to buy a house in Lisbon, which is not always possible in many other European countries. One tip though before you decide to relocate to Lisbon, try to learn some basic phrases and sentences in Portuguese. This will mean a lot to the locals, and it will make it easier for you to settle in. 


Sofia, Bulgaria

A city filled with variety, Sofia, Bulgaria is an incredible place to relocate. Known for the friendly locals, great food, mountains, and beautiful scenery, you could easily become seduced by this charming city. There are also spectacular hiking trails just 30 min away from Sofia, so this city could work for those who love city life, but who would also like to break away every now and again snd enjoy nature. Sofia is safe, affordable and taxation isn’t too steep. There is so much to do in Sofia, you will never feel bored. Learning the language can be a challenge, as they have their own alphabet, but it will be well worth the effort.


Relocating can be a great opportunity to expand your horizons! Before you move though, research each place that you are interested in-depth, to see if it is the city for you.

Once you decide on a place to move, don’t hesitate to contact a specialist removals company to help you transport all of your belongings.