Removals to Glasgow From Dublin

Situated in the West of Scotland, the amazing City of Glasgow is a thriving metropolitan City and a popular place to relocate. With a reasonable cost of living and a widely available transport system, Glasgow is becoming a prime spot for many willing to relocate. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest populated are in the United Kingdom. With mild spring temperatures, the city’s parks and gardens and filled with beautiful spring flowers, while the summer months offer more sun and up to sixteen hours of daylight. If you are considering relocating to this stunning city Get Cracking offers a professional service for your removals to Glasgow.

Moving On

There is so much wonderful stuff to do in Glasgow, but before you go see a football match in the glorious Celtic Park or try your luck in spotting Nessy in Loch Ness, you will need to plan your move carefully. This can quite stressful and difficult to manage alone, but you can ease the worrying by seeking professional help. Make sure to hire a professional World Wide Removals Company to help you make the move to Glasgow. Here at Get Cracking we can help you with your removals to Glasgow. Click here for more information.

Five Things You Should Know Before Moving To Scotland

Here’s a small check-list that we think you should consider your move.

  • Housing Costs. Living in Glasgow can be much cheaper than living in other major Cities. Make sure to do some research into the areas to find the most affordable accommodation for you. Areas with the City Centre are more expensive than those outside the city. The South Side of Glasgow has beautiful suburb and excellent transport to the city.
  • Driving or public Transport. Driving in Glasgow isn’t a problem, but the parking can be expensive. Ask hotels or multi-storey car parks if they offer parking discounts. If you wish to use public transport then you should look in to what will get you to your destination. Glasgow has excellent Bus, Train, and Subway services. There is also no shortage in taxis and they are usually affordable, but fare will vary. Glasgow also has the Nextbike citybike scheme.
  • If you are moving with a family, you might be concerned about your children’s education. There are many great schools in Glasgow, so finding the right environment for your children should be a pleasant task. It is important to note that the exam system in Glasgow is structured differently to the rest of the UK. The schools in Glasgow are prestigious and high performing independent schools.
  • Working in Scotland. Glasgow have a lot of opportunities when it comes to employment. Glasgow is home to Scotland’s largest public and private hospitals. It is also the largest hub of retail in Scotland, with, around 50,000 retail jobs in the city. There is great opportunities in the public sector, vehicle repair, education, science, finance, and social work. Jobs in Glasgow usually pay quite well, where the weekly median pay is above that in Scotland and Great Britain.
  • What to do? Glasgow has become a food paradise with stylish restaurants and many areas that are vegan friendly. Glasgow also holds comedy nights, music, theatre performances, and subway crawls. These are great ways to socialise and to settle in to this amazing fun city.

Can We Help You?

Moving is our speciality – we offer a friendly and professional service and can cater for any size move within Europe. We offer courier and pallet service, part load and full load services and even container shipments. We would be love to help you on your way to your new life in Glasgow and are confident we can do it efficiently and within budget. Call us today for a quote.