Should I Hire A Van, A Truck, Or A Moving Company?

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When you move you must decide whether you need to hire a van, a truck, or go the whole hog and hire a moving company. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three options.

The first question to ask is, are you moving to a one-bedroom flat, a one-bedroom house, or a full family-sized house? The number of items you need to move will influence what moving vehicle option you will choose.

Make a full list of the items that you want to move. Include everything big such as refrigerators, beds, cabinets, and TVs. Include all the small things too such as the number of moving boxes you predict you will need to pack up the kitchen.

Once you have the list you can approach different moving companies that hire out their vans and trucks. They will be able to provide you with the weight and space restrictions their vehicles have.

Vans have smaller weight limits than trucks. If you are moving heavy furniture like couches, chest freezers, big bed frames, and heavy appliances then a truck is a safer option.

You don’t want to break down in the middle of your move and make yourself vulnerable.

The next thing to consider is whether you can drive the van or truck or whether you are willing to pay the additional fee for a driver. This fee can become quite dis proportionally large the further away you are moving.

The next thing you need to consider is your own physical ability to do the move.

Can you pack up your home, pack it all into a van or truck, drive to wherever you need to, unload the truck, take the boxes into your new home, and then return the vehicle? Does the move include stairs?

This is where a moving company takes the cake when it comes to hiring a vehicle or a vehicle with a crew.

Once you have packed up your house, the moving company with come into your house and take the items to the van and pack it away as securely as possible. Then when you all reach your destination; they will take your things into your new house.

If you thought ahead of time, you could have labeled the boxes according to what room they should be taken to. Then all you have to worry about is unpacking!

Choosing between hiring a van, a truck, or a moving company can be the difference between choosing an easy and seamless move or a difficult and painful one.