Where to Get Storage Boxes For Moving House

Removals Crates

You’re off to pastures new! But before you open the champagne and plan a house-warming do, you will need to pack up your old place, and you might be surprised at just how much you have accumulated over the years.

We recommend you start with a good clear-out. Work systematically if you can, room by room. If it’s useful, or you love it – then keep it. Everything else is fair game – be ruthless. If it’s broken then bin it (check if the item can be recycled – we all need to do our bit for the planet right now). If you have no use for it or don’t like it anymore then pass it on to friends/ family or a local charity. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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Get Packing

Get Cracking Vans

All sorted? Good, then it’s time to get packing. Here at Get Cracking we offer a professional packing service, shipping locally and internationally. Check out our great rates on professional relocations and enjoy peace of mind that your possessions will arrive safely at their destination.

Before you get moving, we need to get packing. For this you will need strong and stable storage boxes. Luckily, here at Get Cracking we have a wide range of storage boxes to choose in numerous sizes.

Box it Up – Rent Or Buy

We offer all sorts for sale and to rent, including sturdy plastic boxes with lids and large and medium sized boxes. Our large boxes are double walled and very strong (you can opt for a recycled box) and are great for packing small kitchen appliances and glassware.  Our medium boxes are also double walled and ideal for shipments or couriers.

We also have double-walled and railed wardrobe boxes to store your clothes, archive boxes for your documents and bicycle boxes for your beloved two-wheels. If you have bulky or fragile items you might want to consider one of our custom crates to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Don’t forget bubble-wrap, tape, shrink wrap, wrapping paper and labels – we have those too!

Custom Crating

We offer a custom crating service for larger and more valuable items to make sure they can be shipped and more importantly, they don’t get damaged.

Need a Helping Hand with Your Move?

Can we help you with your move? Get Cracking offer courier and pallet services, part load and full-load services and container shipments too. We can cater for any size move within Europe and pride ourselves on our professionalism. Speak to our friendly team today.