When you want to send peoples personal effects internationally, you will have to take into account some situations. The international transport of valuable goods can be tricky so it is important to choose a company with experience in international removals.

For the choice of the appropriate form of transport, some factors must be analysed, such as origin and destination points, urgency of delivery, weight of cargo, availability, cost of service and frequency of shipments, all these factors can be negotiated according to the shipping company you hire.

It is appropriate to read and take into account all clauses of the insurance contract before sending any item. The contract of insurance is an important document linking to removal company with the insured, to indemnify them from future losses, due to unforeseen causes, such as accidents, fires, thefts, shipwrecks, disasters, losses and even damage to the articles.

The use of transport insurance is not mandatory for those who send valuable personal items, but it is of extreme importance in ensuring you are safe from loss on the valuable items you are sending. If an uninsured shipment suffers a loss, the customer will more than likely have to bear the costs involved in the loss.

Since insurance refers to the period of time when the merchandise is held by the international carrier, it is natural that the insured amount adds an additional portion to the price stated on the invoice. This additional charge serves to cover various expenses that the insured may have in relation to the accident that may occur.

To cover claims in case of loss, a premium is paid to the insurance company. This premium is calculated by a percentage on the value of the commodity and is determined by: Type of transport, merchandise, packing, perishability, destination, period covered, type of coverage (complete, partial, etc.), and accident rate (the lower, the lower the insurance rate).

The air shipment usually has an insurance rate equivalent to half of the maritime and land modalities. However, container shipments have reduced insurance premiums.

If the valuable articles, travel with you, in addition to insurance previously contracted, stating in writing the type of transportation and area of origin covered by the insurance, it will be convenient to carry invoices for purchase, as it may be necessary to declare and prove in customs that the article is yours, and not an export for commercial purposes.

In any case, there are several solutions, and several carriers with experience in the field of valuable international shipments, which after requesting budgets may offer more than one service option, more or less expansive.

Remember that as a rule, the cheap is expensive, it is better to invest more and have the security of a better and safer shipment.