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Furniture Removals Dublin – Tips For Find Great Movers

Furniture Removals Dublin – Tips For Find Great Movers


Tip 1: Seek recommendations from others.


When we come to think of it, the first thing we do when we need help is to approach people we trust.  This is the quickest way of getting what we need.  They have been through the actual experiences; their first-hand experience is trust worthy as you can have an overall idea about the companies.


Another advantage is that you can attain useful tips from others, for example, the cheapest method, how to bargain.  If you are lucky enough, they may have discount codes, or you can even find someone who is interested in moving as well so there might be a chance there is a group discount.


When some companies are suggested repeatedly, then they are definitely worth looking into.  An effective tactic is to ask them their experience, price, rating, insurance, impressions and the amount they had to move.


Tip 2: Online research


Indeed, nothing is convincing enough in the virtual world.  However, online research is very useful for learning information about targeted companies and take online reviews as reference.  It enlarges your research scope, allowing more options and opinions for you.  It is important to keep track of your research, make a table, write it on your notebook, whatever helps you keep record.


Once you have a targeted Dublin Removals Company, find out their mandatory services and details.  Likewise, write down their details for easier comparison.  Here are a few basics that you might want to consider:

– Cost (request online quotations)

– insurance.

– Offers, packing services.  Some companies might offer free boxes and return the extras ones.

– free quotation and surveyor service

– Google Reviews are often a good indicator. People will rarely leave reviews unless they are extremely happy or unhappy.


Tip 3: Contact the companies.


The attitude of a company plays a big part in making your decisions.  The tone and attitude they have when treating their customers are the decisive elements.  Write down your questions, here are questions you might want to ask:

  • Staff training
  • Find out whether your goods are insured during transit.
  • Understand the policy on delays. Because it’s possible that some companies charge extra for delays.
  • Get to know their previous experience.


Tip 4: Be Aware of non-trustworthy companies.


You get what you payed for. It’s true, cheap quotations do not mean you have found the best company. Companies offering the best value are what you are looking for. You need to ensure that your items arrive intact and there are no claims from uninsured staff, not just the underlying price.  Some unreasonably cheap companies might be unlicensed and their staff might be untrained.

How to define professional ones from the others?  In short, the company should give you a feeling that they are fully experienced.  They are supposed to guide you through every step, ensuring the procedure to be smooth and sound.  Remember to check their licenses and reviews online.  Also, call them and consult them.  Their response should leave you no misunderstandings.  Remember to check their payment methods, cash-only payment and private account payment are highly suspicious.