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Thinking of hiring a Dublin removals company’s packing service and their moving crates?

If you are thinking about moving home in the near future, then something you will have to consider is, will you pack yourself, or will you hire a removals company to do the packing for you? If you decide to pack yourself, will you use moving crates, or will you use standard moving boxes?

Dublin Removals Company packing service.


House Removals Dublin

House Removals Dublin

Packing up a house in preparation for a house move is not a small task at all, it needs to be done correctly and carefully in order to ensure a smooth transition from your current home to your new home. A good packing service is key! On average packing the contents of a four bedroomed house will take two experienced movers approximately 9 hours. We advise working family’s to begin packing six weeks ahead of the planned move date, in order to avoid stress and panic.

House Removals Dublin, Get Cracking Removals Dublin.

The most time consuming area is normally the kitchen or sometimes a heavily stocked china or crystal cabinets can also be very time consuming. Delve, chinaware and crystal all need to be individually bubble wrapped, we normally place these very fragile items in to our plastic lidded moving crates, as cardboard boxes are not best suited. The crates can not be squashed when stacked in to the removals truck, where as the cardboard moving box can be, if four or five moving boxes are stacked one on top of the other, normally the bottom two boxes can get compressed when travelling from A to B in the removals truck, resulting in bad news for the china or glassware or even wine glasses, which are normally the first things needed after the movers have left!

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If you decide to hire a removals company to do your packing, take them up on the plastic moving crates for the fragile items, boxes are fine for books, toys, clothes, etc…Socks are not very good for wrapping mugs, glasses, etc…as demonstrated in this photo…..do not use socks….If you decide to pack yourself, we can deliver, moving crates, packing boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, to you home at a time that suits you, having all these materials to hand will greatly help the job in hand. If one had to go about sourcing these individually, it could take a while.

The attic is a good place to packing, if you have light in the attic and space, pack everything up there, make sure the boxes can fit through the man hole! We can easily move the boxes from the attic on the day of the move, saving you time and space, as you will find yourself running out of both before you know it! Label the boxes ATTIC, so we know where to put them in your new home.

The next area to begin packing would be the bedrooms, pack up the clothes that are not being used, vacuumed packed bags are great for clothes. When you pack you own home yourself, its a great opportunity to do some culling! Things like clothes that you no longer use, toys that the kids never use, these can all be taken to your local charity shop, they will take pretty much anything you throw at them. You don’t need a skip at all.

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