Office Moving Company Dublin

Office Moving Company Dublin.

Moving office in Dublin can be difficult, even for professional moving companies based in Dublin. Access to offices can often be very tricky, so moving large copiers, safes, desks, board room tables, etc…can be a challenge. In many offices in certain areas of Dublin, the older buildings seldom have operating lifts, making stairs the only option for moving furniture and equipment in and out of the offices.

Certain things can make the move easier for all involved, such as an easy to read floor plan for the new office. Preparation is key for a smooth office move, so packing the files and personal belongings into moving crates in good time is essential. Packing and rushing while the movers are on site, is not a good situation to be in, it can cause delays and unnecessary stress for everyone.

Ensuring sufficient parking space is available at both office locations is also necessary, the closer to the office that the movers can park the truck the better. We can supply bollards before hand, to your office to help prevent cars from parking directly outside your building on the day of the move.

Our movers will have all equipment required to complete the move, we normally need to dismount large TVs, or projector screens from the office walls, we can remount these in your new office if required. Get Cracking Removals is fully insured to transport office equipment such as photo copiers, fire proof safes, servers, PC screens and all types of office hardware and equipment.

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We can also complete office removals after normal working hours, in order to avoid down time in your work place.

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office moving company Dublin