Removals From Dublin To Toronto

The Friendly City

Although not the capital, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is the centre of financial tech and environmental sectors and has a reputation for being a friendly city.  Moving from Dublin to Toronto, you will be following in the footsteps of many previous generations who made the journey across the Atlantic.  Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario and a boat trip of only 20 miles will take you over the border into the neighbouring USA


Where to live

Yonge and Eglington is a popular district, sometimes described as mid-town Toronto.

As well as older traditional detached homes there are also newer apartments making it an upmarket but still affordable choice for young professionals. The area has a buzz about it with lots of trendy bars, restaurants and shops as well as being well connected to the subway.



Harbourfront is another popular place to live. You can have the pleasure of strolling by the lake but still have the advantage of being close to the heart of the city. It is also a great location for airport and rail connections. But of course, it comes with a price tag to match, so expect to pay a little more to rent or buy in the area


Making the move

One question to consider is whether to move your belongings by air or sea. Air is obviously faster but more expensive and suitable for small loads only. Sea is cheaper, but as long as you plan ahead you can factor the longer transit time to ensure that your move still goes smoothly. You might choose to send certain items by air but do the bulk of your move by sea. At Get Cracking we offer a wide range of professional crating and packing services to ensure that everything arrives safely

A few things to keep in mind

You might be surprised at some of the restrictions you could encounter when moving to Toronto. As well as the usual things like weapons and plants being banned there are others you may not expect:

Mattresses: You cannot bring a used mattress into Canada unless it has been fumigated and you provide certification that it has been professionally treated. Something to keep in mind if you are planning to bring your bed from home.

Baby walkers:

Again, this might seem like an ordinary household item, but baby walkers have been banned in Canada since 2004 and cannot be brought into the country. Owners can face a fine of up to $1000 CDN or even a prison term.

Getting around.

Toronto is an easy city to get around. It has good public transport including an excellent subway system. Your drivers’ licence will be valid for 90 days but beyond this, you would need either an international or resident’s driving licence depending on your long-term plans.

With all this in mind and the fact that it has the 2nd lowest crime rate compared to other cities of a similar size; Toronto is a great place to live. To ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, contact us and one of our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements.