Removals from Dublin to Vancouver

Moving from Dublin to Vancouver

If you are planning to move to Canada, you could do a lot worse than choosing Vancouver as your destination. As the biggest city in British Columbia, Vancouver has a lot to offer. It is a lively culturally diverse city. It is located only 15km from the US border state of Washington. The weather is generally mild compared to many parts of Canada and is, in fact, one of the warmest parts of the country. And the city is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The jobs market is quite healthy, and rates of unemployment are currently around 6 % compared to the Canadian Average of 6.8%. The main business sectors include telecommunications, film and television, aerospace and healthcare.


Cost of living

The cost of living is generally lower than Dublin. Some items including food and personal care are more expensive, but this is offset but paying less for other items including rent, transport and utility bills which on average work out around 40- 50% less than Dublin. Most people rent rather than buy as it is the cheaper option. Prices vary depending on the area, but average rent for a small flat would be around C$1,518 (€1,007) per month.

Where to live

Vancouver has some lovely residential areas whether you are looking for a cool upmarket flat or a more traditional family home.

Hastings-Sunrise is one of the most family friendly areas. It has excellent schools and parks including the well-known Hastings Park which houses the Pacific National Exhibition.


This area, whose name gives away its Irish origins, is another popular residential area with lots of traditional family homes as well as new developments including high-rise flats. It is close to shops and other amenities as well as Everette Crowley Park.

West End

This is an up and coming area. It is more affordable than some because of its traditionally working-class origins but is becoming increasingly popular with young professionals and entrepreneurs. Property prices are a little lower than some of the more established residential areas. Attractions include Stanley Park and being near the Pacific Ocean.


Schools and Education

Vancouver has excellent schools and most children attend the local public schools. Vancouver also has good opportunities for higher education including the University of BC and the Simon Fraser University both of which have excellent reputations.

Making the move


Always check out any customs restrictions as these vary from one country to another and can include some surprising items. For example, Canada bans the importing of used mattresses, unless certified to have been fumigated. Baby-walkers have been banned since 2004 following a large number of accidents.

Depending on the size of your move, you will need to decide if you should bring your belongings by air or sea. Shipping your goods by sea is cheaper but takes longer.

While air transport is a lot quicker the cost is considerably more, and it is only suitable if you are bringing a smaller load – not for bringing the entire contents of a large family home!

To help you get ready for your move we offer a wide range of professional advice and services including a professional packing service to ensure your valuable items will arrive safely.