5 Awesome Reasons For Moving to Istanbul Turkey

Though we’re creatures of comfort, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith to appreciate life from a different perspective.

Getting too accustomed with the status quo isn’t always a good thing. Exploring new horizons is great for character development, and can inject inspiration into your life.

Relocating to a foreign country could be the breath of fresh air you need.

One thriving destination that’s well worth exploring is Istanbul, Turkey. It might seem like a million miles from home, but the breathtaking scenery and incredible dynamic has great appeal.

It might seem intimidating, but from a glass-half full perspective is a real challenge. Once you get a taste of the culture you might not want to come back!

Before we get to the tantalizing attractions the city has to offer, let’s get the logistics out the way.


How Do I Move My Stuff There?

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Why Should You Move to Istanbul? 4 Amazing Reasons


Prestigious History

Istanbul has a phenomenal history which spans nearly three thousand years! It was founded in 657 BC, when it was referred to as Byzantium.

The region has belonged to the Persian Empire, the Greeks, and even the Spartans.

By 324 AD, the Romans built what would be known as Constantinople. Their reign would last through to 1453, when The Ottomans took over the land.

Their reign would last through to 1923, and seven years after becoming part of Turkey it was named to Istanbul.

The city’s thousands of years of history are commemorated with magnificent world heritage sites. Here are just a few which are well worth the price of admission!


  • Hagia Sophia: Dating back to the 6th century, the Hagia Sophia is famous for its memorials to Emperor Alexander, and its Byzantine mosaics.


  • Topkapi Palace: Built in the 15th century (once a house of the sultans) Topkapi Palace is now a museum with incredible artifacts from the Ottoman army.


  • Walls of Constantinople: These once protected one of the most important cities in the world. The walls served as a barrier of protection from attacks.


Bonus Fact: Istanbul, though not formerly developed then, was inhabited around 6700 BC!


Cost of Living

Istanbul is very good value for money, but doesn’t sacrifice quality. Hunt around and you’ll discover apartments for just €400, and that’s in the city centre!


You can also get your hands on groceries for cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. Take advantage of an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, alongside loaves of bread for a mere  €0.28!


Famous Literature and Films in Istanbul


  • Florence Nightingale earned her nickname here
  • Agatha Christie wrote ‘Murder on the Orient Express’
  • Ernest Hemingway walked the streets
  • Scenes from James Bond were shot there
  • Taken 2 and Argo too!

Sun and Snow!

Everyone loves great weather, and Istanbul promises just that.


Enjoy dry summers which average at 26ºC during the day, before chilling to a pleasant 19ºC in the evening.


Istanbul is a winter wonderland too, where you can enjoy a snowball or two and even sled!


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