Removals To Krakow, Poland From Dublin, Ireland

Krakow is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. This beautiful, historic city is situated on the Vistula River and is a thriving place for those seeking to relocate to another country. Krakow is the cultural capital of Poland and is the centre of education and science in Poland due to its seven universities and twenty other institutions. If you are considering relocating to this amazing city Get Cracking offers a professional service for your Removals To Krakow

Moving on

Before you indulge in some amazing polish cuisine in Main Square Krakow, or visit some historic WW2 museums you will need to plan your move carefully. To ease the stresses of moving, you should try to find some professional help. Make sure you hire a World Wide Removals Company to assist you in coordination your removals to Krakow. The Get Cracking Team is more than happy to help you make your dream move to Krakow form Dublin.

Five Things You Should Know Before Moving To Krakow

Employment: The service industry is one of Krakows biggest employment sector and is heavily fuelled by the high level of tourists that visit every year. Other popular sectors include; Production, Accounting, and Science.

Cost Of Living: The cost of living in Krakow is quite attractive and is very affordable when compared to Western Europe. One Euro is equivalent to nearly five Polish Zloty. Cost of living for students is also relatively low when compared to Western Academic related prices.

Weather: Krakow is home to all types of weather; it sees everything from snow, rain, hail, and sun. With temperatures reaching extremes on both ends of the thermostat it is fair to say Krakow does not know how to look bad. All weather types show the beauty of this magnificent city. In summer you can expect very nice weather with the temperature reaching high twenties to low thirties.

Transport: Krakow has very good forms of public transportation with regular buses, trains, and trams getting from point A to point B is made very easy and it is very reliable. Tickets for trams and buses are timed allowing you to change between tram and bus lines within your allotted time.

Things To Do: There are many things to do in Krakow and many sites to see, from historic WW2 museums to amazing restaurants and open markets. You can even take a short bus ride to Oswiecim and visit Auschwitz and Birkenau Death Camps and learn the history of this amazing country.

Can We Help You?

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