Shipping a Car in a Container

Are You Thinking of Shipping a Car in a Container Overseas?

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Shipping a Container Overseas.





If so, we can help. We ship cars worldwide, its something we specialize in.
You maybe moving abroad to a begin a new job or just being relocated in your current position. What ever the reason, its very convenient if your car is shipped in a container along with your belongings. It can take a lot of stress out of the settling part, especially if you have a hectic job. When you arrive on the other side, you can pretty much turn the key in the ignition and drive, providing you have insurance in that country!

If you accept our relocation quote, or if your company accepts it, when we are collecting the contents of your home, we can also collect you car  there and then, we can then begin to do the prep work and paperwork on the cars for shipping.

A 20 foot container is sufficient for a car or  SUV,  its possible also to load household items like such as furniture, boxes, the same container.

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