Moving Crates For an Office Move in Dublin

Moving Crates Dublin

Do you need to hire Moving Crates For an Office Move in Dublin?


If so you are in the right place. http://Moving crates Dublin are essential for a successful office move. They provide excellent protection for fragile items and office equipment. They also save time as the do not require assembly like a regular cardboard moving box. We can provide standard moving crates, P.C. crates and personal crates to any location in Dublin with in hours of a booking. Our delivery men will place the crates in you home or office, even if its an apartment on the top floor without a lift! Crate hire Dublin and crates for moving in Dublin.

After you finish packing the moving crates, please give us a call, we will return to move the crates to your new address, along with any other equipment, furniture, belongings, etc.. that you may have. Again, when you have un packed the moving crates, we will return a final time to collect the crates. The crates sit into each other to minimise the space they take up when empty. They also come with labels, so you can keep track of each crate and its contents.

The standard moving crates are the most popular. These cost just one euro per week, plus VAT.  The carrying capacity is eighty litres. When empty the are quite light and manageable. Our moving crates are cleaned after every use.

We also hire other types of moving crates, such as PC Crates and Personal Crates. For prices on these types of crates, please contact us.