Cleanroom Removals

Cleanroom & Laboratory Removals Dublin

Cleanroom & Laboratory Removals Dublin

Cleanroom Removals

Cleanroom removals can be challenging, but planned correctly, they can be achieved without the various maintenance and performance problems you might be expecting.

Planning for Your Cleanroom Removal

Jack is a scientist who carries out vital scientific research via laboratory processes in his state-of -the-art cleanroom. Jack’s company is relocating to a fancy new building a few miles away and this is causing our methodical friend a huge amount of worry. How will Jack safely remove the equipment and tools from the current cleanroom, transport and then install everything in the new space? In short, Jack needs a plan! Proper preparation is key to successful cleanroom removals:

  • Get to grips with the set-up of the new cleanroom by familiarising yourself with construction plans.
  • Study the tool-matrix (used to collate data) to check the electrical and mechanical needs of tools can be accommodated.
  • Consider the correct situation of each tool to ensure balance and proper air flow.
  • Ascertain if the tools will be moving straight to the new cleanroom or are to be held in an interim place until the new space is ready.
  • Complete a field survey of every important tool, identifying flow rates.
  • Define the complexity of the tool – does the tool manufacturer need to be present to disconnect and move the tool?
  • Confirm all tool services and position in the new cleanroom. Consider tool positioning and hook-up.
  • Ascertain how tools will be removed and installed – what path will be taken? Is there room to safely manoeuvre?
  • Consider the likelihood of any damage occurring during the cleanroom removal e.g. floors be scratched or dented by heavy tools etc.
  • Can the move be achieved in one go, or will it need to be completed in stages?



Carrying Out your Cleanroom Removal

Cleanroom & Lab removals call for precision and due care and attention. What needs to be moved and who is responsible for it? Cleanroom removals offer the perfect opportunity to make sure all employees fully understand cleanroom procedures.

Cleanrooms contain calibrated and aligned instruments, which require conscientious handling. Delicate components should be carefully removed and packed. Big instruments can be packed into custom-made bespoke crates to ensure assiduous removal.


Secure Transportation

Custom Crating 4

The way in which the tool is moved is as important as how it’s packed in the first place. Certain factors need to be taken into account including the weight of the tool, the size and the fragility of it. This will help you to deduce what type of trailer you require e.g. an oversize trailer, an air ride trailer etc. Transportation needs to be well-thought out to ensure secure removal. E.g. will the tool need to be secured to prevent too much movement?


Keeping It Clean

As the name suggest the cleanroom should be free of cleanliness problems. Particle levels should not drastically increase when tools are being moved into the new space. One way to minimise contamination is to set up a staging area. This space should be separate and decked with filters. Tools can then be taken to the staging area and cleaned over before entering the new cleanroom space. A particle counter can be used to keep an eye on cleanliness levels.


The New Cleanroom – Installation

Installation of tools can be hindered by a raised floor, in this case protective plates can be used to mete out weighty loads and prevent damage. Tools will require hook up to services etc. Procedures for hook up should be followed carefully to ensure safety at all times. Once installation is complete testing and calibration can be carried out to make sure everything is working as it should be.


Get Cracking Can Help with Cleanroom Removals

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