Customs Tips For International Removals

International Removals

Negotiating Customs – Top Tips from Get Cracking

Heading off to live in a brand-new country is an adventure, that’s for sure! But getting ready for a big move can prove stressful, after all you have to pack up your old life in readiness for your new one. That means getting organised, so why not save yourself time and trouble (and your sanity) by enlisting the help of a worldwide removals company? Here at Get Cracking we have plenty of experience in coordinating world-wide removals, and can help take the stress out of your move. To get you on your way we’ve put together a few of our top tips on how best to negotiate customs at a few popular destinations.

Removals to Canada

Planning a move to Canada? The Great White North is amazing country, made up of stunning scenery and vibrant cities. Here’s what to expect customs wise:

Anything to Declare?

If you are planning to reside in Canada for more than a year you can take along personal belongings and furniture from your current, and you don’t have to pay import duty or taxes. On arrival in Canada the shipper needs to personally attend customs – and a first declaration should be made on entering the country. Two lists (in duplicate form) need to be presented, one should detail accompanying items, and the other should outline goods to follow. Try to be thorough with your declaration – include information such as the value of goods, model, brand and serial numbers. When the shipment turns up a further personal declaration will need to be made.


Get Your Documents in Order

There a few essential documents you will need in order to reside in Canada. For a start you will need a passport (which will need to be validated as you enter the country). You will also require a previous airport or US/Canada border declaration form. You may have packed up all of your items securely, but you will need to provide an advise note, a “goods to follow list,” featuring a comprehensive list of items along with their value, documents alluding to ownership /possession and use of items and also any receipts for goods newly bought.


Removals to the United States

Planning a move to America? The land of the free and the home of the brave has a lot to offer, but before you start singing the star-spangled banner check out what to expect when negotiating customs:


How Much Are You Shipping?

If your household goods fill a shipping container you will be able to have it delivered to a port close to your new home. Sending less means you will have to ship via “consolidated groupage service,” which means your personal items are grouped together with those belonging to others (in order to fill a container). When it’s full (which can take a week or longer), the container is loaded onto the appropriate vessel ready for shipment. On clearing customs your goods can then be forwarded to you, actual delivery time will depend on how far away you live from the port.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices vary, depending on whether you would like “door-to-door” delivery or prefer your goods to be shipped to a main port. If you opt for this you will need to sort out collection and delivery to your home. Door-to-door is the easier option – you don’t have to sort out port fees, organise the unloading of the container, worry about clearing customs, or find a reputable carrier to deliver your goods.


Anything to Declare?

Customs clearance is a must for all goods entering the U.S, and it’s imperative you supply the right documentation. You will need to organise a Power of Attorney document – allowing the agent or broker to represent you and offer up documentation for you.  There’s also a ‘Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles,’ form to complete – where you are required to state information about yourself and details about your shipment. Finally, you will need a ‘Supplemental Declaration’ which relates to your citizenship, overseas addresses, provision of a passport or social security number and employment information. Along with your personal data you will need to outline what items you are taking with you, which is done via an inventory or packing list.


Moving to Australia

Known for its majestic opera house and bridge, stunning barrier reef, and amazing beaches, Australia is a popular destination for those seeking a new life in the sun. If you fancy heading down under you will need to clear customs first!


Anything to Declare?

Again, you can choose to have your very own container, or alternatively opt for a groupage container and share. Either way, on arrival the container will need to go to a customs bonded store – all shipments must obtain clearance from customs and quarantine on initial entry to Australia. It’s essential that accurate documentation accompanies your goods. The Australian Government are strict when it comes to ensuring the country remains free from diseases which could have an adverse effect on agriculture and livestock. The Quarantine Inspection Service is responsible for checking out shipments entering the country, and will select certain shipments to undergo physical examination. A lack of correct documentation will lead to a full-on check by customs (which is not cheap)! Shipments over 35 cubic feet must be examined as a matter of course, others are chosen to be checked randomly.

Charges, Restrictions and Documentation

Door-to-door shipping is the best way to go to get your goods to Australia, otherwise you will have to pay out additional costs for handling and delivering your container from the port to your new pad. As a new resident it’s your responsibility to find out about any duty or taxes you will need to cover relating to your shipment. There is a special concession for those who are heading to Australia to live permanently – this equates to AUS $400 for each adult and AUS $200 per person under eighteen.  You will need to provide a packing list / inventory detailing the items on the shipment (as with most countries there are restrictions regarding what you can and cannot take with you so be sure to check)! You will also need to fill in an Australian Customs Form, and provide a copy of your passport.


Moving Elsewhere?

Here at Get Cracking we offer a professional and friendly service, and can help you move to Canada, the U.S, Australia, and a whole heap of other destinations – Ireland, Europe and beyond – the world is your oyster.

Size doesn’t matter to us, big or small we can cater for your move! Check out the services we have on offer – these include courier service, pallet service, part load and full load services and container shipments.


Hankering after a smooth and quick international move? Let us Get Cracking for you!


Removals From Dublin To Texas

Moving from Dublin to Texas

Removals To Texas From Dublin

Texas, also known as the Lone Star State is famous for its food and its hospitality. It is also a great state if you enjoy live music. Texas has plenty lot to offer its residents and visitors. It is one of the more affordable states offering sunshine, great food and plenty to keep you entertained.

Where to Live

Austin is the state capital. Today it is most famous for its international music and performing arts festival South by South West (SXSW) although many locals consider the influx of tourists and revellers a bit of a mixed blessing despite the income they provide.

Houston, however, is the largest city with a population close to 2.5 million. It is best known for its famous space centre but also supports a whole range of industries including, aeronautics, transportation, and energy.

Work and education

The main industries are gas and petroleum followed by banking and farming. Unemployment among professionals is lower than in many other parts of the USA. The state also boasts some excellent universities including Rice University in Houston and Texas Tech University in Lubbock.


Texas is one of the less expensive places to live in America. The overall cost of living compares quite favourably with Dublin. You will find that groceries tend to be a little more pricey. But other major expenses such as renting property, energy and fuel usually work out less expensive.

Texas is cheaper to live partly because its taxes are lower than many other states. Housing can also be more affordable, although a lot depends on which city or town you move to. Of course if you are moving for work you might not have much of a choice. Austin is one of the most expensive cities and has excellent suburbs for those who want to live outside the city. But there are other popular cities where housing costs are a lot lower.

Two of the most affordable cities are Odessa in western Texas and Lewisville in Denton County. Lewisville has the advantage of being close to both Dallas and Fort Worth making it a popular choice for commuters who want to avoid big city house prices.

Food and Entertainment

When you are not working, you will find plenty to do in Texas. It has outstanding natural beauty and attractions include the Big Bend National Park and Padre Island National Seashore.

Other famous places to visit are The Alamo, site of the famous battle in San Anton which led to the state’s independence from Mexico. And there is also the NASA Space Centre in Houston if you prefer something right up to date.

Cost of eating out varies across the state but you can usually expect to pay less than Dublin. It’s easy to eat out in most parts of Texas without breaking the bank. The big cities have plenty of high-end restaurants for special occasions. But a modest lunch date should cost around $14 (€12.50) per person. If you like barbeques, tacos and margaritas then you’ll be happy in Texas.

Planning your move

Moving across the Atlantic is a big step. It is always best to start planning well in advance to make sure it goes smoothly. Fortunately at Get Cracking we have years of experience of international removals. Talk it over with one of our professional staff to get advice on all aspects of the move from planning to packing your valuables, to shipping and crating. We have done it all and have the expertise to ensure that your move to the Lone Star State is as stress free as possible.